dhtmlx touch on iPad - auto column resize issue

We are using dhtmlx touch version 1.0 RC 27/05/2011 on iPad device.

We are facing an issue where the columns widths are not getting auto adjusted (or auto resized) to auto accommodate the header text or cell data text

In below dhx view, Class description is mentined as 200px. If one of the class description cell data crosses beyond 200px (to say 400px), the grid columns neither get auto adjusted nor text gets auto wrapped for that cell data and column rendering gets garbled. Same thing happens if header text crosses 200px.

Any thoughts? Any dhtmlx API/methods to solve this?

Really appreciate any solution to this (any temporary quick fix works fine too).

            container: "grid_container",
            rows: [{
                id: "grid",
                view: "grid",
                fields: [{
                    id: "ClassCode",
                    label: "Class code",
                    width: 100
                }, {
                    id: "ClassDesc",
                    label: "Class description",
                    width: 200
                }, {
                    id: "netSales",
                    label: "Net Sales",
                    width: 100
                datatype: "xml",
                url: "Grid_data.xml"

Grid does not support auto resize. However, it is possible to enable text wrapping by css classes:

<style> .multiline .dhx_grid_header div{ line-height: 21px; white-space: normal; } .multiline .dhx_cell{ line-height: 21px !important; } </style>

Where “multiline” is grid css property:



This works for me :slight_smile: