DHTMLX Touch scheduler Conflict with Jquery Mobile scroll

i try to use DHTMLX Touch scheduler in my app , it works well and do all my requirement but it conflicts in other pages ,Scrollbar disappear and disappled , i use dhx.Touch.disable();
scrollbar work in other pages but still disappear and pages becomes very Heavy and slow

Scroll that is rendered by our library won’t work in disabled state. dhx.Touch.disable() disables event listeners that start scrolling. You can open scheduler in different page You can use our Touch library to add a header if it is needed. The header can also contain buttons that will allow to open another page.

For example:

dhx.ready(function(){ dhx.ui({ rows:[ {view:"toolbar",elements:[ {view:"label",value:"App header"} ]}, { view:"scheduler", id:"scheduler" } ] }) });

dhx.Touch.disable() doesn’t work well with me … other pages still very heavy and slow and scroll disappeared … any other solution ??!

I did not recommend dhx.Touch.disable() as it disables scrolling. Please see my previous post regarding the solution.