DHtmlx Tree always the element is selected

i am constructing a tree structure for my page and using dhtmlx tree. Now i face on the element selection in tree. The elements with in the layout in tree is being selected for ever. I could nt able to escape the selection from the tree element. It remains in some element of the tree. The element should be available only on selection of element else a normal mouse click need to be performed.

Please, check that tree xml doesn’t contain “select” attribute. But even in this case xml selection the selected item must be changed by clicking another item.

If problem persists, please provide a direct link or any sample to recreate the issue at support@dhtmlx.com

Hi Alex,

Thanx for ur reply… i still face the same issue. i hav seen in ur sample it is also present there. The exact problem is after selecting one partcular tree node if the user tries to click on other part within the layout the selected element should be deselected and no elements should be select in this moment… waiting for ur reply…



It is correct behaivour. When user selects some item, selection doesn’t leave tree automatically.

There is clearSelection method which allows to unselect all items in tree:


You can call this method on necessary event.