Dhtmlx tree Drag & Drop issue

Hi there

I noticed a question earlier in FAQ regarding getting the div to start scrolling down once you have dragged below (or above) the div.

Without this functionality you cannot drag & drop onto nodes in a big tree.

You state that it should do this automatically, however I have coded as per this faq, and as per your examples, but unfortuntely it does not scroll, other than the very occasional sporadic scrolling movement (just a very slight movement).

Also, I note on going through all your samples that allow drag n drop, that none of these in fact offer this facility - there is no movement of the scrollbar once you have dragged below the div on any of them.

Is it actually possible to achieve this with the dhtmlxtree or am I to resort to custom javascript code?

If so - any pointers where to start would be useful.

I think I have to setScrollTop for the div and use a timed interval, but all the testing for the mouse release and position could become complex.

Maybe its an IE7 issue? Perhaps it used to work on IE6?

Look forward to your advices and many thanks in advance for your help!

The tree can be initialized in two ways
a) tree initialized inside container with native scrollbar


    in such case tree will have scrollbars, but they will not scroll automatically.
b) tree initialized inside container without native scrollbar


    in such case tree will use inner scrollbars, and will scroll automatically.

>>Is it actually possible to achieve this with the dhtmlxtree
It possible but because of some mistake while package generation functionality exists only in pro version of tree. If you are using standard edition - please use dhtmlxtree.js from attached  sample - I restored functionality for it ( next official build of tree, standard edition, will have such functionality as well )

Thankyou very much for your help, it didn’t scroll with the old code, but does with the new code that you posted.
Wasnt using the professional edition, just the standard.
The scroll is very jerky unfortunately, so we may have to look at alternative means of making the div scroll.
Also, the screen (div area) keeps flashing yellow & white - is there anyway we can stop this?
Many Thanks!

The scroll is very jerky unfortunately
You can try to modify the way how it works
    By defaut the order of call is next
       tree._dragIn - called when item moved over another item
          tree._setMove - called for marking drop landing
             tree._autoScroll - force scrolling of grid container