Dhtmlx tree+imges problem

Respected Sirs,

I am using dhmlx tree 1.6 standard edition. I am facing two important prblems. Any advise is very helpfule for me.


I am loading data to tree dynamically . The child data are filled using dhmlx tree events. The child data are taken from database. Some times the sql select queury returns zero rows. In that case we have no childs. I need the images “+” with parents ,if it has a child ( I can check the child data from databse using some ajax calls).How to show “-” images if there is no child. Currently all parents are coming with “+” images. Is any methode for changing the images. Also I am using check boxes ( tree.enableCheckBoxes(1) ) in my program.


My program have two phases. New mode and Update mode. In new mode we tick check boxes from any level( 4-level, only top level is satic data ,other is loding from database on dhtmlx events by clicking each node.). In Update mode I want to show the tree previousily checked. This is working fine.I want to distingiush a parent ,if one one if its child is checked at any level. In dhtmlx theris a useful mthode "tree.enableThreeStateCheckboxes(true) ". This is helpeful for me in New mode. But this is not suffient in update mode. Initialy tree is loaded , I am show th root only. chillds are loaded after clicking the parent. So until a child is

clicked ,tree.enableThreeStateCheckboxes() mehode does not work. Is any solution to change the images of check boxes other than enableThreeStateCheckboxes() .



Currently all parents are coming with “+” images
This is controlled by “childs” attribute in XML, if attribute exists - the item will be rendered with cross sign.
On item opening it will send request to server, and if response will be empty () it will automatically remove “+” icon

>>Is any solution to change the images of check boxes other than enableThreeStateCheckboxes() .

In dynamic mode the info about child items not available until they loaded, so it not possible to create such functionality.
Tree provides a onCheck event, which fired each time as item checked by user, you can try to use it for manual checkbox state handling.