dhtmlx treegrid beginner


Can anyone clearly describe treegrid with an example? Also, what are the js files to be included and in the exact order. I tried loading an xml file but end up with loads of error. If anyone worked on it please send an sample of it.


If you have a treegrid package or a full dhtmlx suite, just include dhtmlxtreegrid.js ( or dhtmlx.js in case of dhtmlxsuite )
TreeGrid is not included in GPL edition of dhtmlx

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlx … _init.html


Thanks, it was a version issue. Now I can get the Treegrid tried with the sample example(xml) given in the DHTMLX. Is it possible to bind TreeGrid with List? I have the output in List format which is the folder location of a server/repository.

list[0]=parent/child1/child2/ list[1]=parent/child1/child2/Test data.txt list[2]=parent/child1/child2/child3/

The above example is the sample output which I want to bind with the TreeGrid.

Durga V.

Unfortunately it is not possible,
TreeGrid can build self from XML or JSON data, but in both cases, the data must be a hierarchical dataset, not a plain list.