@dhtmlx/trial-lib-gantt v1.1.2 bug with "save" event for "update-link" action

I’m using Vue3 example from https://github.com/web-widgets/vue-gantt-demos/blob/master/src/components/GanttBackend.vue

When I update link in the SideBar, I can see correct “action” event, but “save” event is triggering with “obj” parameter as undefined.

The bug is inside @dhtmlx/trial-lib-gantt v1.1.2.
Look at the file node_modules/@dhtmlx/trial-lib-gantt/dist/gantt.es6.js (files /dist/gantt.es5.js and /gantt.js are similar)

action(id, name, options, params) {

switch(name) {

case “update-link”:
const i = sources.findIndex((item_obj_child2) => {
return item_obj_child2.id == id;
sources[i] = Object.assign(Object.assign({}, sources[i]), options);
links : sources
this.dispatch(“save”, {
action : name,
obj : message // <-- Bug is here: “message” is incorrect. Should be “sources[i]”
}, params);

I had to unuglify the file.

Here “obj” property must be the link object, but the word “message” was copy-pasted from case “delete-link” above, so it should be “sources[i]”.

P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
P.P.S. I will be very grateful if you appreciate my efforts and allow me to get not-trial license for my hobby project :yum:

Hi Dmitriy,
For some reason your question was skipped, sorry that it happened.
I checked this issue, I have confirmed the bug and added it to our tracker, thank you for paying attention to it. The bug will be fixed at some point. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any ETA for it, but I will notify you of any updates.