Dhtmlx v5 Material theme borders on inputs


I love the material theme on dhx version 5. I do have a problem though. Can you put a borders on all form inputs and controls etc. Having a box bordered input/controls?

I tried adding some custom css rule but is not working well with combo box and select. I hope you can create a theme like material design and controls/form elements have borders.

The form/controls of the dhtmlx v6 is very great. Can you put those controls to dhx v5? I really like the borders on form elements because it is easy to figure the inputs.

I’ll send your to the dev team, but we have not planned to change the design of the material skin for the dhtmlxForm 5.

Thank you. I hope they can release a dhtmx v5.3 or something.
The form controls on dhtmlx v6 is epic. I love those. It is so easy to figure where to type.

I hope they can create a snippet or a proper css rule to fix or enable this border.
My CSS rule is not working well combox box and selects overlaps on some browser.

I hope they make those form element borders like native ones. That would be very very great.

Yeah. Can you put the form css from dhtmlx v6 to dhtmlx v5?

The form controls or UI of the v6 is best.
I want the dhtmlx 6 form design to v5x.

Make it happeeeeeen.