dhtmlx versus webix

Hello dhtmlx,

We were using dhtmlx for our office-application and dhtmlx-touch for a mobile version (has to be offilne)
we need some reprogramming, what is the best solution.

  1. use for office-application dhtmlx, for mobile version webix?
  2. use for office-application dhtmlx and mobile version dhtmlx
  3. going both to webix.




Hello, sorry for the delayed reply.

We can’t suggest you the best solution as we don’t know all the details of your mobile app and what are the conditions that will provide better work for it. DHTMLX provides stable work for desktop apps, and the same apps will work fine on tablets, though for now there can be some problems with mobile apps.

You can provide us more details at support@dhtmlx.com and we could inspect your issue in detail.