dhtmlx windotw adding buttons along with dhtmlx grid control


I have DHTMLX Window control, in that i added DHTMLX grid as object along with that i wanted to add 2 more html buttons 1. Select and second one is Cancel button.

I try to do that but i am not getting it right.

Can any body help me in that.



Try to create separate container, put tree into it, another elements and attach it through attachObject()

Is there any working example in DHTMLx website for this.

Yes, view attachObject() for example.
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxW … 4858396000

One control is ok, how about if i want to add another control say a html button and write some functionality to it ? i try to add 2 controls, i got a blank window with no error msg,

You should put all your controls in single container and attach it as one control using attachObject()