dhtmlx3.5 - uploader - event when file was removed


I’m currently adding the uploader function to my web application and was wondering if there is an event triggered when the user removes the file after it was uploaded. this would be useful to delete the file on app.server as well.


good idea, thanks!
this topic will first where updates will attached :slight_smile:
hope soon

attached is a form 3.0 + calendar, both a bit updated/improved after release

regarding new form events:
onClear - w/o params, when user click “clear list” button
onFileRemove - 2 params, realName and serverName, 1st one from browser, 2nd one from server if was uploaded, null in wasn’t

see included demo
calendar.rar (16.1 KB)
form.rar (73.1 KB)

thanks, going to try this one :sunglasses: