Dhtmlx5 z-index solution for all layout cells

I’m trying to make my login modal window(bootstrap modal) and drop-down menu(attached to the cell as an object, as I don’t want to use dhtmlx menu) to be visible in other cells. I set z-index in .css file, but no result.The bellow is a header part of my dhtmlx layout:

mainLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject({ parent: "layoutObj", pattern: "5I", skin: 'dhx_web', cells: [ { id: "a", header: false }, { id: "b", collapsed_text: "Expand to view 'b' cell" }, { id: "c", header: false, collapsed_text: "Expand to view 'c' cell" }, { id: "d", collapsed_text: "Expand to view 'd' cell" } ] }); mainLayout.cells("a").attachObject("header-cell"); mainLayout.cells("a").setHeight(68);

Thanks in advance.


Could you please provide us complete demo including all correspondnig js/css files?
Please also add information regarding current and expected behaviour.

Here is a small guide how to make a complete demo:
docs.dhtmlx.com/tutorials__auxil … pport.html

If you don’t want to share your demo here for any reasons - you can send it to support@dhtmlx.com, if so - please include link to this forum topic.

If you’re using PRO Edition please send your demo to support@dhtmlx.com

I’ve already sent you with the subject “dhtmlx5 z-index solution for all layout cells”.