dhtmlxAccordion problem in IE when join to html tables

Hi, i using the code below to generate the Accordion, its works, but when i combine with table html this don�t work, and show the next code:

Mensaje: HTML Parsing Error: Unable to modify the parent container element before the child element is closed (KB927917)

what is the problem?



Jorge Arzuaga


the ussue wasn’t reproduced. The sample is attached.

1249286843.zip (58.6 KB)

See, the file sample.html, with the tables, and see the error en IE… thanks…
sample.html.zip (643 Bytes)


try to replace the accordion initialization code after table tag:

var accor_acordion = new dhtmlXAccordion(“acordion”);

or in window onload handler.

But i need the accordion into html table? it´s possible?

accordion can be inside table. But the script, that initializes accordion, must be called correctly. The sample is attached.

1249286843.zip (58.6 KB)

Tanks… it’s work,