dhtmlxAccordion with online skin builder

Our registration number is … I have a accordion in my jsp page . I have included the dhtmlxaccordion.js file and dhxaccordion_dhx_skyblue.css file in my application. My accordion is displayed with the default sky blue color . I have copied the images required for the accordion in my application. I want to change the color of my accordion to rose color using the online skin builder . How do I do it. Please provide a example for the same.


to generate “rose” skin you can do the following:

  1. select “Rose” in the “Colour presents” list
  2. press "Apply"
  3. press “Download” to download new skin
  4. unpack the skin package to the codebase folder of the accordion
  5. add <link href=“dhtmlxAccordion/codebase/skins/dhxaccordion_dhx_skyblue.css”…> to the page
  6. add <link href=“dhtmlxAccordion/codebase/dhtmlx_custom.css”…> to the page
  7. set dhx_skyblue skin for the accordion