dhtmlxajax and dhtmlxmessage compatibilty issue ?

I have an issue where in the callback of dhtmlx message is failing on the ajax get().
What I am trying to do is that I confirm with the user about the deletion of a field through a context menu click event onEdit(Id, type)
and if user confirms then we sent it to the server side and display the response.
It fails on the dhtmlxAjax.get(…) function, I tried post() and postsync(…) with no success . I’m not sure what to do,Any ideas guys ?

            function deladm(x)
                if(x) dhtmlxAjax.get("<?php echo site_url('vmatrix/admdelinvitem/'); ?>"+dhxGridInv.getSelectedItemId(),function(response){alert(response.xmlDoc.responseText);}); //delete id is sent and displays server response
            function onEdit(Id, type) 
                   if(Id=="del") {
                        title: "Critical Operation",
                        text: "You are about to DELETE the selected Item</br>This is NOT reversible.<br/>Continue?",


                return true;

My silly mistake, pls ignore. I used the wrong function to get selected row :smiley: