dhtmlxAjax - dhtmlxcommon.js (line 23)


I’m using the pro v2.1.

In Every case I call dhtmlxAjax.postSync, I get the error (from firebug),     dhtmlxcommon.js (line 23)!

In line 23 I read: this.xmlDoc=new ActiveXObject(“Microsoft.XMLHTTP”)};if (this.async)…

I don’t understand the reason of this error.

The calling url is correct, but never called!

The version of the included files are correct.

The same error issued even for the context menu xml (menu.loadXML).

From firebug again, I can see that menu xml is loaded (Response is loaded with XML).

Please, any help!



Please be sure that you are loading xml data from ( or posting data to ) the same domain as domain of html page ( cross domain security )
If issue still occurs , you can try to use the debug version of dhtmlxcommon.js ( attached )

dhtmlxcommon_debug.zip (6.35 KB)


Solved! The problem was into the calling php code.


Thanks a lot


Thanks !! The JS file helped understand what is wrong in my XML fed into grid.