dhtmlxCalendar 3.0 and date time

I’ve been trying dhtmlxCalendar 3.0 Standard and i’d had two problems with sample /01_init_and_usage/02_form.html

First, in start date you can select date and time but only date is updated in input field time doesn’t change. Second is more a doubt than a problem, There is a way to select minutes instead of five minutes intervals?

Many thanks and congratulations for you great product


  1. actualy you need to select date after you changed time, something like “confirm”. looks like bad practice, we probably will fix this somehow;
  2. you can enter minutes manualy in input

you also can use “onChange” event, it trigger when you select hours, minutes…

I know this is an old post - but the problem seems to be still existing…
Is there a more elegant way to solve the time-after-date-selection issue than to attach an onChage-Event to every calendar?


please provide calendar version?