"dhtmlxCalendar" from "dhtmlxScheduler" or "dhtmlxScheduler"


“dhtmlxCalendar” from “dhtmlxScheduler” or “dhtmlxScheduler” from "dhtmlxCalendar ", can you control?

Google calendar, like “dhtmlxScheduler” and "dhtmlxCalendar " is the same place.

“dhtmlxScheduler” from “dhx_cal_next_button” clicked “dhtmlxCalendar” to “month_btn_right” then the effect is like that one?

What should I do if that is possible?

sample image link : anjeuk.com/test/google_calendar_sample.gif


currently there isn’t a ready solution. We are working on it. We have plans to release this functionaitly in two month. There will be an opportunity to create small calendars (it won’t be dhtmlxCalendar). Changes in the small calendar will affect the scheduler and vice versa.

Thank you.

The day is already waiting. Good you have to do.