dhtmlxCalendar: IE6 breaks when trying to add header to cale

I am trying to add header text to the calendar object.

For both the single and doubleCalendar widgets, FF 3 works fine.

IE 6 however breaks on this code:


var d=document.createElement("DIV");

var e=document.createElement("DIV");


Sadly, I cannot switch to another version of IE.
The error report is long and nasty, in case you are interested...

Any ideas..?

Thanks for all your efforts!

Please check attached sample, it uses the same code and actually works correctly in IE, while tested locally.
1232110643.zip (35 KB)

Works like a charm!

The reason for IE6 to crash is most likely related to the initialization of the dhtmlxDblCalendarObject.
I left the second parameter (true/false) blank while trying to append the new DIV to the calendar container.

Thanks again