Dhtmlxcalendar is not working in IE

	var myCalendar;
	function doOnLoad(objectValue) {
		myCalendar = new dhtmlXCalendarObject(objectValue,true);
				document.write(err.message );

This is small code .
I am using dhtmlsuite_v35.
This code is running fine on all browser except IE.
If I comments myCalendar.show(); this line then it will run fine only on IE and not on other browsers like FF, Safary.

Please Let me solution for this

You don’t need to call calendar every time by onclick. Calendar shows automatically with input focus event.
Just init it once in body onload:
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … input.html

I know this approach.
but problem is I have 100 input field in my project which required calendar so how can make it in more general ways.

For every input filed I can’t write

myCalendar = new dhtmlXCalendarObject([“calendar”, “calendar2”, “calendar3”]);

this line, Right?
so better way is to call some function on onclick events of input field and pass id for that input as a parameter. Thats way I am thinking.

Any another approach? That you can think of.


each time onclick call init for the instance of calendar but do not remove old one. calendar adds hidden attr to input while 2nd instance owerwrite it for 1st calendar you have js error.

you can do new dhtmlXCalendar([“input1”,…“input100”]) once and it will works (it should works, to tell the truth we do not test it with 100 inputs)

or you can init calendar once w/o any attached inputs (see “custom parent” demo) and just setPosition()+show() from onclick


I am not getting what you want to say.
Can you reply back with code please.