dhtmlxCalendar issue, please check it and help me!


I have one issue when using dhtmlxCalendar. If using dhtmlxCalendar in modaless dialog, it is OK, but using dhtmlxCalendar in modal dialog, the Internet Explorer throw an exception while closing the dialog window, please review the attachment. The Internet Explorer version is 7, and the dhtmlxCalendar version is 3.5.

Thanks a lot!

I think that the line “delete this.i[a]._dhtmlxcalendar_uid” at 1344 line is root cause of this issue. Please test it and resolve it, thanks!


there is not “delete this.i[a]._dhtmlxcalendar_uid” line in the dhtmlxcalendar.js of 3.5 version. Are you sure that you are using the latest Calendar ?