dhtmlxCalendar - Not clear users can click on month/year


I am using the DHX Blue styled calendar quite happily, works very well. However, I have many users complaining that it is not clear they can click on the Month/Year (set by the isMonthEditable and isYearEditable options) . Is there anyway these fields can be made to look more like clickable dropdowns? Perhaps with an arrow alongside of each when they are clickable?

You can set any bg image to the


css classes, they are used to show month and year in normal state ( it can be an image of dropdown icon )

I have tried many different things in the css file so that a dropdown arrow image can be shown next to the Month and Year so its clear to users that they can click this. But nothing seems to work. Can someone please give me sample code to implement this? Thanks.


please specify used dhtmlx version