DhtmlxCalendar position

Hello I am using dhtmlx2.6 PRO edition.

In dhtmlxWindow i have an input at right of the popup and I attach a dhtmlxCalendar to this input, when calendar is opened I don’t see the input,

I see your library and you calcule the position and move to left if is out of window but you don’t move to bottom to see the input

Is solved this?

Thanks in advance.


You may set onlick event listener for input and call setPosition from it:

calendar = new dhtmlxCalendarObject(‘calInput’,true);

The other solution is to initialize calendar in Div. Please see the sample in the calendar package:


I have other position issue.
Calendar is outside viewport if was placed at bottom page.
How to make automatic position if calendar showing outside viewport and move to better place.

You can try to use method setPosition()
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … position&s[]=setposition