dhtmlxCalendar - selecting year


Great calendar pop-up. I’m trying to make the year selectable (as on your demo site) so that when a user clicks the year they can easily scroll to a specific year (the calendar will be for a date of birth selector attached to an input field).

I found a “isYearEditable: true,” variable in the dhtmlxcalendar.js file which I’ve set to true but now when I run the calendar and select a year (via the year scroller) i get a message in the calendar “undefined, NaN” and the calendar is blank.

Aside from the .js and .css and image script references in the header I have this script at the bototm of my page (before the tag)

and the calendar is attached to an input field “canDOB” - if I can get it working it I also want to add calendars to a couple of other input fields on the same page.

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The issue isn’t reproduced with the latest calendar version (attached).

Please, try to use attached file instead of the original. If the problem isn’t fixed, please provide the complete sample to reproduce the problem.

dhtmlxcalendar.zip (11.8 KB)