dhtmlxCalendar - setImagePath

I’ve just started using the dhtmlxCalendar and am not doing anything fancy.

I just don’t seem to get the images used in the samples.

With other dhtmlxCalendar controls, there is an .setImagePath method to point to the images.

This method does not exist for the Calendar control.

So somehow the images are hardcoded.

How do I get to point to where my images are?

In case of dhtmlxCalendar - all visual appearance defined by css.
In dthmlxcalendar.css
.dhtmlxcalendar {
    background: url(imgs/cal_bg_single.png) no-repeat;         <<<< main bg image

.dhtmlxcalendar .dxcalmonth td.month_btn_left,
.dhtmlxcalendar .dxcalmonth td.month_btn_right {
    background: transparent url(imgs/cal_arrow_bwd.gif) center center no-repeat;      <<<<  button left

.dhtmlxcalendar .dxcalmonth td.month_btn_right {
    background: transparent url(imgs/cal_arrow_fwd.gif) center center no-repeat;      <<<< button rigth