I can’t get Inactive week days to work in dhtmlxCalendar.

The other dates work fine, just the weekday number doesn’t work.

Code snippet :

hdate = new Date();

bdate = new Date(hdate.getFullYear(),hdate.getMonth(),hdate.getDate()+1);    //tomorrow

edate = new Date(hdate.getFullYear(),hdate.getMonth()+3,hdate.getDate());    //3 months from today


dhxCal1 = new dhtmlxCalendarObject(“date_input”);



dhxCal1.setSensitive(bdate , edate);


I have tried an array but same result, dates work perfectly but weekday numbers don’t.

I’m using dhtmlxSuite 2008Rel3.

This issue was not reproduced locally.
Please  check this functionality in dhtmlxSuite/dhtmlxCalendar/samples/initialization/calendar_insensitive_dates.html with 6 or 0 or 0,6 as value.

And can you provide information about your browser and it version.

Browser : IE7

Tried it at dhtmlx.com/docs/products/docsExp … &type=smpl (Initialization => insensitive dates)

Input 0,6 in the textarea but weekday’s aren’t grayed out.

You can try to download dhtmlxCalendar directly from site - dhtmlx.com/docs/download/dhtmlxCalendar.zip
and this functionality should work correctly
( somehow online sample wasn’t updated to latest build - will be fixed in nearest time )