dhtmlxChart: is there any way to produce grouped bar charts?

Hello all,

First of all, congratulations for this component. I did not imagine that was possible draw on canvas directly through Javascript.

My question is about grouped bar charts. How can I see on documentations, it’s not supported yet. Is there any plans to support this kind of graph or there is another way to do it?

Thank you.


Hello Luis,

yes, we are going add “series” functionality in the next chart version (the release is planned for September).

Along these lines, will you be adding the ability to do multiple lines on a line chart in September?

Yes, there will be such ability.
I’ve attached the screenshots with the next chart version.

Thanks, that looks great. I can’t wait to try it. The example shows the same color for the lines on the line chart, for different series, can you make them each a different color?

Yep, each series of data will be able to have their own visual settings.

Do you have graphics illustrating the proposed “stacked” bar and column charts? My previous query on availability was also proposed for September!

Will look as next ( real screen shots of the component )

Thanks for the graphics - they look great!

Hi, please can you confirm the date of release for the new functionality for the charts descibed above i.e. multiple lines on ‘line’ chart. it was said to be September, do you have any update on this? :smiley:


apologize for the delay. We do our best to release the new version this week.

Sorry… a bad news. The release is postponed for the next week. If you need to get component ASAP, you may send the request to support@dhtmlx.com.

I also would like to know the revised release date please.
Thanks in advance

There are some technical issues with release, they not related to component, final version of which is ready. You can contact us directly at the support@dhtmlx.com if you need it ASAP

As for official release date, It will be in next few days ( most probably in first part of next week )