I am trying to upgrade my application with the new version of dhtmlx 2.1 from dhtmlx1.6.

After replacing the dhtmlxcolorpicker folder with the new version I got few errors like

onSelectHandler is not a function & few more.

I modified my code with setOnSelectHandler but after that when I click on the colorpicker

and try to click on Select button after choosing the color I get following error…

dhx_catch[i].apply is not a function

This error comes in the new function dhtmlxeventable() added in version 2.1

Kindly provide me with some solution for this as well as for other components too

which I may face while upgrading them to version 2.1


please, check teh following sample in the colorpicker package:


it demonstrates how to set onSelect handler.

Regarding dhtmlxeventable - please, check that you use the latest dhtmlxcommon.js (from the latest colorpicker package).

If the issues still appear, please provide the sample to reproduce them.