dhtmlxCombo and Internet Explorer 8


There is a problem with dhtmlxCombo and Internet Explorer 8.

For example, try to browse the dhtmlxCombo sample page with ie8.

If your screen resolution is not to high, you must use the vertical scroll to go to bottom of the page.

When using the scroll, there is a gap between the combo textbox and the dropdownlist.

When the ie8 compatibility view is switched on, no problem anymore.

I have the same problem with a page of a website i’am working on.

How can i solve that ?

Thanks for your help.



Locally all works correct in IE8.

Could you pleae provide the sample which demonstrates the issue

You can try here : dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … ndex.shtml

First you scroll down and after you clic in one of the combo (Read-only mode for example).

You will be able to see the problem in attached file.




The issue has been confirmed.

Please, try to use attached file instead of the original. It must solve the problem.

dhtmlxcombo.zip (8.52 KB)

It’s perfect ! You are the best :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.


I have the same problem that Robert documented with his screenshot.
The file dhtmlxcombo.js which you attached (I also had to use the file dhtmlxcommon.js from this link dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/ … xEventable in order to get rid of the error message “dhtmlxEventable is not defined”) seems not to work for me. The gap between the combo and the dropdown list still exists.

I have the problem with IE7, in FF everything works fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!



you use old version of dhtmlxcommon.js.

Please, download the latest combo package. And try to use dhtmlxcommon.js from it.