dhtmlxCombo and maxLength

Dear dhtmlx team,

I’d like to use dhtmlxCombo as a hybrid field, i.e. prepopulate existing values dynamically from the database and if a value does not exist yet, the user can use the Combo like an input field.

In order to limit user input I was looking for the maxLength property but it does not exist on Combo. Then I tried “validate” with a regular expression like “^.{0,10}$”. But this type of regex does not work (it seems to work only for exact numbers of characters but not for ranges). So I guess the only option is to stick to my own maxLength validation code for a Combo?

If yes, a suggestion for future releases: maxLength on dhtmlxCombo might be useful in such hybrid usage contexts, … and a clarification in the user manual which types of regular expressions work in the validation functionality could be beneficial.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Sorry, I just realised I have overseen an older answer on this topic which works perfectly fine.

…(myForm.getCombo(“cmb”).DOMelem_input.maxLength = 3;)…

Seems to be a recurring topic.