Dhtmlxcombo between filter,combo dropdown click

Hi team,

I have used a dhtmlxcombo with dhtmlxconnector. The technology used is ASP.NET and C#.
i am facing the below problems,

Getting data from database(sqlserver) with dhtmlxconnector using ashx handler


  1. I want to implement “Between” instead of “start” in dhtmlxcombo filtering using dhtmlxconnector.

  2. Allow the user to click and select dropdown value or type ahead functionlaity with dhtmlxconnector.

  3. If i select any dhtmlxcombo value then i click on button, after i clear the value then again click on button then it is showing previous selected value and again after i click it is showing empty. I did these for my validation.

Ex code providing for you

FOr 1 : var ownercombo = new dhtmlXCombo(“div1Name”, “cmb1Name”, 304);
ownercombo.enableFilteringMode(true, “Connector1.ashx”, true);

For 2 : And even i add the following code but i am not able to solve my issue

    combo.attachEvent("onOpen", function () {
        var text = combo.getComboText();
        window.setTimeout(function () {
        }, 1)

For 3 : I am getting the value from combocontrol is the following method

$(“#btnSearch”).click(function () {
var elemname=$(‘input:hidden[name=“cmb1Name”]’).val();
if (elemname.length > 0 )
alert(“please select the name”);

I need solutions for those problems using dhmtlxconnector so,please provide asap…

regarding filtering rules, check this article
docs.dhtmlx.com/connector__net__ … electevent