dhtmlxCombo + checkboxes + onBlur

Hi. I have a combo with a checkboxes. And the onBlur event works strange in this combo. If I open combo and don’t select any checkboxes, the obBlur fires when the combo is closed. But if I open the combo and select some checkboxes, then the event wont’ fire.

I cant understand the logic of such behavior and I don’t know how to handle with it. Is it a bug or a feature? If it’s a feature, how can i implement such funcitonality:

1) A user opens combo

2) Selects some checkboxes

3) clicks somewhere outside

4) the combo closes, onBlur event is fired

5) onBlur event handler reads all checked options and the program continues…


We made some changes in the “checkbox” functionality. Please, try too use attached file instead of the original one, it should resolve the issue.

dhtmlxcombo_extra.zip (1.24 KB)

Thanks! it helped