dhtmlxCombo does not bind options correctly in IE9

I’m trying to bind a datastore to a combobox. It works in all main browsers but not in IE9. It seems to be working on IE8 though.

The expected behavior is to display the actual name of the item as text/label and use the id as the combobox value.

var territoriesDataStore = new dhtmlXDataStore( { url:‘territory-example.php’, datatype:‘json’ } );

    //binding datastore items to combo value and text
                    obj.value = obj.id;
                    obj.text = obj.nom;
    var territoryCombo = form_info.getCombo("TerritoryCombo");
    territoryCombo.sync( territoriesDataStore );[/code]

Attached is an example of the issue. Can you confirm it is a bug?
combotest.zip (309 KB)

Probably the issue is caused by IE caching. As asynch loading can fail is the page is cached in IE. Try to add the random parameter to the url:

var territoriesDataStore = new dhtmlXDataStore( { url:‘territory-example.php?rs=’+(new Date()).valueOf(), datatype:‘json’ } );

I replaced my line with yours and it now works!

But I don’t understand where the issue lies exactly. I understand caching not reloading .js files, for example, but .php files are supposed to be executed everytime, even though the size of the file hasen’t changed, or am I mistaken?