dhtmlXCombo.enableFilteringMode and the START parameter

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I have a question about using dhtmlXCombo with dynamic XML source, and possibly auto sub-load. From reading the documentation and searching the forum, I still cannot quite figure out what is and how to use/set the pos=START parameter which, according to the doc is :

START - position from which a suggestion must be returned

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The forth parameter of the enableFilteringMode method may be used if there are a lot of possible suggestions for a mask.

Please have look at the sample:
dhtmlxCombo/samples/04_filtering/01_combo_big_db.html ( dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … ig_db.html )

  1. Type “a” here - and you will see the suggestions from “abbreviature” to “anarch”. The request that was send to load these options contained the following parameters:
    mask = a
    pos = 0

  2. Then select the last option in the list (“anarch”). Combo sends another request with parameters:
    mask = a
    pos = 100

The server-side script returns options from “anastigmat” to “autobiographer”, next 100 options

So, pos is the position of the first required option in the collection that correspond “mask” parameter. There could be thousands of options that correspond “a” mask, but only 100 options are loaded at once. The number of options that are loaded at once depends on you server-side script.

Hope this explanation would be helpful.

Hi !

I get it now. But it took some time fiddling around. Indeed, when I type in “a”, I get the list from “abbreviature” to “anarch”. And when I choose “anarch”, the list expands to “autobiographer”. But the combo box automatically scrolls back up to “abbreviature”. So it took me some time to realize that the list was indeed expanded and scrolled back up. Should the list not scroll back and stay at “autobiographer” ?


Is it possible to integrate the dynamic xml combo in dhtmlxgrid, where it is using excel combo?

Is it possible to integrate the dynamic xml combo in dhtmlxgrid, where it is using excel combo?

Yes, it is possible. Here is the sample:

dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … combo.html

The xml for the combo in the third column is generated by php script.