dhtmlXCombo: Filtering mode: Stop input if no option match f

In a Filtering Mode dhtmlXCombo, stop the user input if no match is found.

For ex., in the below example, if the user types “a0” the option box will present 3 suggestions(a00,a01,a02), but my requirement is if the user types something like “a09” it should stop the user from accepting ‘9’ in ‘a09’ since it is not a valid option (ending with 9).






Current version of dhtmlxcombo doesn’t support such behavior, the only way to achieve similar functionality - attach custom code to onKeyPressed event and control typed text manually.

Thanks for the quick response.

Actually, I found some custom code in the knowledge forum at URL: dhtmlx.com/docs/products/kb/ … =14&q=2087.

Is there any way I can make use of the limitToList function to achieve this?

If so, after adding this limitToList function to the dhtmlxcombo.js, where exactly should this function be called to achieve the behaviour, let me know.