dhtmlxCombo Fonts


I am using DHTMLXCombo,

I had a requirement where i wanted to have two colors in the select Option

EX: Assume i have a dropdown with these two values
Novel1 $10
Novel2 $25

I wanted if we could colorize the text having $XX for every option?

I want the Result to be in the format
Novel1 $10
Novel2 $25

As variant find

  • div with class dhxcombolist_dhx_skyblue
  • then div with class dhxcombo_option
  • then div with class dhxcombo_option_text. It stores your text. You can do:
<div class="dhxcombo_option_text">The Adventures of Tom <b>Sawyer</b></div>

It works for option list because option list consist of divs.
but it doesn’t work for input because input can’t contain tags.

Thank You Avalon for your time, but that didnt resolve my issue

I modified the code as below

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Let me know if i need to modify anything else
Or i have missed something.

Hi to all

also combo support templates
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxC … lates.html

Thank You Andrei

But can we put the style? for specific part in the text using text templates?


just try to minimize original code changes to minimize problems with future updates

Is it possible to post the syntax for it?
It would be of great help…

Thanks In advance

var myCombo = new dhtmlXCombo("combo_zone"); myCombo.enableFilteringMode(true); myCombo.setTemplate({ input: "#name# $#price#", // what inside input, plain text only option: "#name# <span style='color:blue;'>$#price#</span>" // inside listed option }); myCombo.addOption("1", {name: "Novel1", price: "10"}, null, null, true); myCombo.addOption("2", {name: "Novel2", price: "15"});