dhtmlxCombo Guide and Samples

This is not a question, but more like a notification to the DHTMLX team that they have a “bug” in the dhtmlxCombo Guide. Specifically, the guide states the following:

create dhtmlxcombo from select control

However, no matter how hard I tried to get this code to work (probably spent 3 hrs on this), I could not get my browser to render the combo box properly. The browser would simply render the combo box as one would see it in a regular form. It wasn’t until I opened the dhtmlxcombo.js script and noticed that the function used in the script is identified as dhtmlXComboFromSelect. Notice the difference in spelling. Once I corrected my code so that it used dhtmlXComboFromSelect instead of dhtmlxcomboFromSelect, everything rendered just fine. Please update your documentation ASAP!! to avoid future customer frustrations.



Sorry for inconvenience, we will updated documentation in nearest time.