Dhtmlxcombo: how do I get the object name firing the event?

having a form with a dhmtxcombo in it, and an event:


in previous library version I got the name of the field using this.name;
in version 4 it seems I did something wrong; where is the mistake?
I tried with this.id and this.name … doesn’t seem to work …
which is the correct name of the property to get the field firing the actual event?

function ChangeLookup(keyCode,controlFlag,shiftFlag)

Do you use separate combos or as form controls?

I use it during a form-input with various fields;
for this field, which is a combo, I get the object and attach the event of keypressed;
so I am sure, when it is fired, it comes from a combo-type-field


the event fires, and now I’d like to know what is the name of the calling object (I could have 2 or more combofields in my input form);
I’m almost sure it worked in former 3.6 version using “this.name”, but now it always says “undefined” … where am I wrong?

thank you very much!

after 1 day of tests, I finally got the solution (personally I’m thinking previous version did the handling the easier way!);
as it could be helpful to someone else, this is the way

for a combo-object (between other form-objects, in this case), I set the event


the event gets the name of the field using childnode-1 (always 1???) of this.base, so this is working, at least for me

function LookupKeyPressed(_keyCode)


It seems like you used private methods… They can be changed with new version
Now you can try to use the next:

myForm.getCombo().name = "some"