dhtmlxCombo Load on click / display &-symbol in combotext

Hi again,

I’m trying to use javascript and AJAX to load my Combo, onclick.

This is actually working like this:

        all data

//(the below section is actually above my HTMLbody of course)

Hmmm, when I started out typing this I thought it was de JSON-data which wasn’t acting like a string, so that’s why I posted the entire code…

(Well I hate a waste of typing, so I’m just going to keep it there, it may be of some use to someone!)

So my only ‘problem’ now is that for some strange reason I can’t seem to display text in my Combo like ‘Rock&Roll’ through a variable, because it gets cut off at the &-symbol…

Unless you add a space behind it…

Any thoughts on that?

Thanks in advance,



please, use & instead of &. In this case the symbol will be shown correct on the html page.

And again I’m stumped by simplicity…
Why couldn’t I figure that one out :S

Well thanks for the quick response anyway!
Still hope I’ve helped someone with load-on-click script :wink: