dhtmlxCombo / loadXML server siting?


I have a Web application running on an IIS server, which is instantiating a combo control and loading it with data from an XML file:

myCombo.loadXML("http://web-dev/getdirectionslist.xml", doAfterLoading);

Both the web application and the XML file are sited on pdweb-dev. The application runs successfully and populated the combo control.

However, if I move the XML file to another IIS server here, called web-test, and change the code to:

myCombo.loadXML("http://web-test/getdirectionslist.xml", doAfterLoading);

… the combo control no longer populates from the XML file. Our network administrator assures me the problem is not security-related.

The DHTMLX documentation at:

docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … bo_loadxml

does not indicate the application and XML files must be sited on the same server. So my question is, why isn’t the application combo control loading the XM file successfully?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

This is browser level limitation - cross domain security.
By security reasons browser do not allow to operate with data from different domain. It can’t be fixed as it is a mandatory security rule.

You can use proxy scrint on server side so

  • combo loads data from script on the same server
  • script on the same server makes server side http request to target server and outputs its response

With above logic, client side will load data from the same server, but actual data will be from some different one.

Thank you, Stanislav.