dhtmlxCombo make first item unselectable


i am trying to create a grid like structure in drop down, it is displaying gird that i used by creating the divs…and template in combo, i am trying to disable the first row, but it is not working, i tried adding unselectable=“on” to the first row div but for some reason that does not work in any browser.

also is there an even i can attach to the combo like “beforeChange” so that if i see the new value is the one that i don’t want to be selected i just cancel the event…

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


ok, i was able to achieve what i needed by setting following css on the div for the first item


for i.e i added this to work in i.e 9 too.

$("#dhxcombo_grid_ext_head").on(‘mousedown’, function (e) {
return false;

		$("#dhxcombo_grid_ext_head").on('mouseup', function (e) {
		    return false;

Thanx for sharing this info