dhtmlxCombo: not support numpad filter


I try to key press [0-9] from num pad on the keyboard to quick search the option in the combo box. But it does not work.

When I key press [0-9] on the keyboard that on the top of [a-z]. It works.

Could you mind tell me what happened?

Thank you.

Numpad should work.
Please check attached sample.
Here you can find a tutorial about initializing source files.
If the problem still occurs for you please, provide with a complete demo, where the issue can be reconstructed locally.
Here you can find a tutorial about creating a complete demo:
docs.dhtmlx.com/tutorials__auxil … pport.html
combo loading data.zip (1.19 MB)

Thank you for your reply. I will try it later.

Not work. When I modified the code to:

    var  myCombo = new dhtmlXCombo("combo_zone");
    myCombo.readonly(true, true);

And changed the partial content in xml.xml to:

 <option value="3">3</option>


 (See the attachment)

Still not work. Anyone can help?

It maybe cause by jquery 1.4? (refer to https://bugs.jqueryui.com/ticket/15031)

Can you share a sample or a demo link where the issue can be checked ?