dhtmlxCombo option selected='true' and onchange event

Hi all,

I’ve a dhtmlxCombo with:

var z=new dhtmlXCombo(“combo_zone”,“UtResidenteIn”,350);

z.enableFilteringMode(true,“loadComuniCap.php?UtResidenteIn=<?php echo $UtResidenteIn ?>”,true,true);

and in loadComuniCap.php I make a query to get UtResidenteIn that is the default value for the combo.

I’ve put <option selected=‘true’ for the result query’s value, but it’s is not shown in the first option.

I see that there is because if I type another first char I see it first in the list of options, but I would like it’s visible

without typing.

Another question is the same all make to you: the onchange event.

I’ve red all answers but I can’t understand how the


//code here


is associated with the name of the combo? I can’t understand where to put that code…

I’ve more than one combo. I’m new in javascript and ajax… :frowning:

Thanks in advance



In all events you can use “this” as pointer to object where event occured