dhtmlxCombo problem loading with Internet Explorer


I’m trying to load a dhtmlxCombo with data using dhtmlxConnector, on IE8, and gives me the following error: “Error type: LoadXML. Description: Incorrect XML”. This works fine on Firefox, but it doesn’t work on IE8.

This is my client side code:

<div id="combo"></div>
var combo = new dhtmlXCombo("combo", "combo", 300);
combo.loadXML("dhtmlxConnector.php?connectionType=" +connectionType);
combo.attachEvent("onChange", onChangeCentres);

And the server side code:

require ("codebase/dhtmlxConnector/combo_connector.php");
require ("codebase/dhtmlxConnector/db_mssql.php");
$comboConn = new ComboConnector($res, "MsSQL");
$comboConn->render_table("NV_CENTRES_DHTMLX", "IDCENTRE", "CENTRE", "", "");

Could you give me an answer as soon as posible?


I’ve realized that it has something to be with encoding. I’ve changed the encoding with connector using:


and on html using:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" >

But still doesn’t work. Am I missing something?

try to open dhtmlxConnector.php?connectionType=" +connectionType in browser to get details about the issue. And check if encoding is really set
Moreover usage $comboConn->dynamic_loading(10000); isn’t correct. Here you should set the number of options that are loaded with one request - 10000 is too many.