dhtmlxCombo : problems with accents

Hello, dhtmlxCombo is a very nice script !

I tested your demo “dhtmlxCombo. Working with big datasets”, and there is a problem, who can be repeated as often as it is usefull for your tests :

By example :

-1- you type “cabre”, combo displays “cabr�”. OK

-2- you type “cabr�” (whith the accent), combo displays “cabr�”. OK

-3- you type “echappe”, combo displays “�chapp�s”. OK

-4- you type “echapp�” (with the accent), combo DO NOT suggest “�chapp�s”. NOK !

-5- you erase and type only “e”, combo do not content suggest “�chapp�s” !?

After this error, combo’s behavior become surprising with accents.

Maybe a problem with the first letter ? if you type the only letter “�”, you will never get “�chapp�s” will never appears !

I use IE 6.0

I would like to use your script with main navigators (IE, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) with accents…

A solution please ?

Many thanks


The behavior depends on used server side code, by default copmonet uses utf based escaping for data requesting. When non-utf code used in server side used it will result in above behavior. To fix issue you can locate next string in dhtmlxcombo.js
and replace with

>>you type “cabre”, combo displays “cabr�”. OK
actually it is a not expected side effect, the search functionality of MySQL doesn’t separate normal and accented chars, behavior will be different for client side filtering.

Many thanks for your help. I will try that.