DhtmlxCombo set to disable on Clientside using VBScript

Hi, need help please.

I need to change the state of the DhtmlxCombo on ClientSide using VBScript

I can do this in my xslt file: z.disable(true)

But I’m working in an application that uses VBscript code - so on a certain condition i need to disable the DhtmlxCombo.

ClientSide VBScript to change (disable) state of DropDown.

Please Assist!

I have no real experience in VBScript client side development, but as far as I know it possible to call function from each other, so while combo generation you can place next js code on the page

function disableCombo(){

and later, from VBScript code, call

Hi, Thank You for Assisting:

I have serached & tried a few way of executing the javascript within the vbscript app.

using : response.write (z.disabale(true))

no luck though…

Thank You

Please check attached sample.
1225364623.zip (16.4 KB)

Thank You - exactly what i needed!

Really appreciate it.