dhtmlxCombo setComboValue in enableFilteringMode

I use this component in to version v.3.5 and Version: 4.2.

Whene I use setComboValue in v.3.5

var z_ugroup = new dhtmlXCombo("ugroup_id", "ugroup_id", 350);
z_ugroup.enableFilteringMode(true, "?action=ajax/group/xml", true, false);

  z_ugroup.setComboText(<?="'".$name."'"; ?>);
  z_ugroup.setComboValue("<?=$ugroup->id; ?>"); 

value set in hidden input and it works.

But in version 4.2 setComboValue - set null in hidden input.
I think, that befor user input chars from keyboard combo not load list…

And question - is it normal for new version not set value by force with setComboValue?
How set option value default, before Filtering?

I found 2 ways
1- before use setcombovalue use addaption and add one actual item
2 - use special post-var. nameid_new_value - for check - is item change

I think to use first way.

am i right?


I think you are on the right track.