DhtmlxCombo show with AJAX

Hi… i need show the combo but generated by Ajax in another page PHP, all is OK, mi code is:

Is generated well, but not show the combo, the JavaScript is OK not show error, if i copy the source code generated by ajax in paste in a new page html show the combo…??

What is my error?

Thanks for all…:!

The code is correct.
Please, check if all necessary js and css files are included. 

If problem persists, please, provide a sample where it can be recreated.

Attach two files del_terceros.html here call my function AJAX and the file generated by that is show_nucleo.html...
The path is 
If i show show_nucleo.html the combos are show me without problem, but called from del_terceros.html showme all fine but without combos... what is my error??

del_terceros.html.zip (2.38 KB)
show_nucleo.html.zip (1.68 KB)

The reason for the issue is that you get html and scripts via Ajax and add them as innerHTML. Scripts are not executed.

So you can get the content which you have got and then execute it by execScript or eval method.

Or you can pass via Ajax only html and carry out script on del_terceros.html page