dhtmlxCombo to restrict from selecting unavaiable options

Hi I am using professional version of dhtmlx

I am using dhtmlxCombo and I want to restrict users from selecting the options which are not availalble in the drop down.
e.g. I have drop down with follwing options
Initially the dhtmlx shows all the options listed above. When user types H, the option HOME gets selected and so on.
What I want to do is, I want to restrict users typing text other than listed above. Or I want to show then some kind of message that the value that is being enterd is not avaialble.

How can I do this?


do you use filtering mode ?
Combo provides readonly method that allows to search by the first letter of an option:


P.S. If you obtained the licence to dhtmlx components, you’re allowed to submit tickets on support.dhtmlx.com/