dhtmlxCombo updating DB with new/changed values

I am populating my select options for my Combo from a postgresql db. I would like to update my db with any new/changed values when they are selected. Is this possible?

Combo doesn’t provide any built-in functionality to save selected value.

There is only the ability to get selected value:


var value = combo.getActualValue():



Here saveValue can be any function that saves the value. You can use for example dhtmlxAjax to set the value to a server.

Thanks for that!!

I am using dhtmlAjax as suggested, but I’m getting this error “dhtmlObject.waitCall.call is not a function” in dhtmlxcommon.js (line 16)


Please check the ready sample dhtmlxAjax/samples/samples_of_usage/01_send_request.html

If the issue persists, please provide the js code related to dhtmlxAjax.

I used the code from the sample provided.

Here’s my code

    For demo purpose only :: &1

MetricMetric (AU)US


there is the issue in your code. Try to use





It’s a beautiful thing - thanks!!!